Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance

The Aon Attorneys Advantage Program provides professional liability insurance and a range of attorneys insurance products to cover a diversity of services performed in today’s legal profession. Attorneys insurance products include:

Professional liability business-owners’ insurance workers’ compensation small commercial auto court bonds employment practices liability insurance.

The Aon Attorneys Advantage Program is offered by Aon's Affinity Insurance Services, Inc., a leading provider of professional liability programs for attorneys, in partnership with local independent agents and the Program underwriter, Axis Insurance Company, providing a sound underwriting strategy, viable options, competitive rates and expert service.

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Attorneys Need Professional Liability Insurance

Attorneys lawsuits arise from errors and omissions, failure to meet client expectations, and attempts by clients to recoup financial losses. Even if unfounded, a legal defense or settlement can cause disruption to a firm – reducing billable time, exposing personal assets and creating considerable financial hardship. Attorneys today must know that it could take only one lawsuit to wipe out an entire practice.

Today, the frequency of lawsuits and number of exposures are escalating and clients are finding new reasons to sue. This is why obtaining professional liability coverage through the Aon Attorneys Advantage Program is a considered a principle for good business practice.   Learn More